Three easy steps to punch up your business’ About Me page

about me page

I always tell people to write more like a journalist.

Be more direct. Tell a narrative. Find a hook and lead with it.

This advice lends itself well to all kinds of writing, but when recently mulling over how to re-craft a business’ About Me page, I found those three tips to be particularly helpful.

1 – Be more direct

When writing website copy, you want to get your point across quickly and memorably. Make your About Me page actually about you, and the story behind your company and services.

This page is a place where you have an opportunity to foster a connection with the reader. Use that to your advantage and talk about your backstory, your philosophy and why you are in your field of work.

A big enemy of this is industry jargon and buzzwords.

How do you set your business apart when you are using the exact same language to describe yourself as the next one? Potential clients, from individuals to other businesses can pick up on this quickly. Buzzwords have their role elsewhere, and can be more appropriate when explaining your services, but they do nothing to help your actual story or biography.

Buzzwords come and go, stories are always in fashion.

Princeton computer science professor Arvind Narayanan hit the nail on the head with this (sarcastic) tweet:

Break out of words like this and tell your story the way you would in a conversation. Nobody should need to hit Google to understand what you are saying about who you and your co-workers are. It will engage readers who aren’t as familiar with your industry, and separate you from the pack.

2 – Tell a narrative

Your business has a story. Whether it is a young entrepreneur taking a leaping risk or a family business passed from generation to generation, there is something to build up from.

Larger businesses can easily find their story in telling how they grew in scale. Every business began somewhere, and keying in on the big steps in growth will tell a story.

Moz, a blog-turned-marketing-company has an excellent About Me page that simply tells the story of their business, broken into steps for moments of growth. Note that this About Me page has photos of the people who work there, and plenty of links to their services.

This directly links the actual humans they employ to what services they offer.

Fostering the feeling that you are working with or buying from actual people is important in developing sustained client relationships. Just because your About Me page is more creative and less formal, doesn’t mean it has no goals for your marketing. It remains a place to get great messaging across.

3 – Find a hook and lead with it.

Grab your reader immediately. Lead them with a cliffhanger from your story, or make a statement that begs to be explained further.

This article starts with the kind of hook that can be used easily for business writing. Make a seemingly unrelated statement that pulls readers into seeing how you connect it to your greater theme.

If you are having trouble with this, look at what you want your narrative to say. Think of a short sentence that can help leap into that theme.

For example:

“Smith’s Bakery was built on a lifelong dream – but quickly became something else.”

“The story of my tech startup begins with the day I bought my first car.”

Plunge people into a situation, and let the rest flow from there.



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