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Build Relationships

We work with small businesses to use e-mail marketing as an effective way to build relationships with customers on an ongoing basis.


E-Mail Marketing Campaigns


We believe e-mail marketing has to be about more than just blasting a message, announcing sales and promotions or electronically delivering flyers. People are bombarded by enough e-mail in the run of a day and they see more than enough advertising. If you want to stand out and if you want to be noticed, remembered and appreciated, you have to give them more.


The Casper Agency can work with you to tell your story. If you don’t believe you have a story to tell, we’ll prove you wrong every time! When you start to talk about what it is you’re all about, how you go to where you are, who the people are that got you there and what your vision is for the future, that’s when people will start to feel connected to you.


Beyond that, it’s important to provide real value to your e-mail followers. Demonstrate your expertise. Provide genuinely useful advice, and thoughts that will get people thinking.


Whether you need some support with wordsmithing your story, a little coaching to compose your own message or a state-of-the-art web-based platform for sending campaigns and managing your subscriber base, The Casper Agency can help.


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